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Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Penny the CyberCat

Penny is a unique Siamese cat with an independent nature and it’s always fun to have a cat with a bit of an attitude. Penny isn’t just any ordinary feline, she’s a virtual cat with a twist and the legendary nine lives. Will these lives hold true in the digital world? Will she be able to cheat death and come out victorious? Find out as Penny takes on the virtual world, one life at a time, in her quest to find a home.

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Tails from the Cat Shop -  Book 1 started as a weekly blog set in a virtual world, where people can interact with each other, with digital objects and information in a way that is similar the physical world. A virtual cat can visit any world or any time that she likes, and what she wants most in all the world, is a home. It is also a love story of two people who never meet in real life but just wanted to be together.



The University Cat: A Tale for Grown-Ups and Graduates - Book 2 came alive as a celebration of the people I knew in Sydney. I had not considered there might be other books in the series, but Penny refused to go away. One day at the University, where I worked, an enormous, bouncy poodle puppy jumped over my desk. A new friend for Penny? Not exactly.

There are terrifying times to come in gorgeous Gothic architecture with professors, curators, and some gruesome gargoyles who are out to kill Penny as she tries to defeat the wicked plot to prevent Professor Poppett and her Poodle from winning the Dog Show. Join the paparazzi for a VIP seat.

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iPad_RFace_Beware Cat.png

Beware the Cat - Book 3 started as a NaNoWriMo project, which was so much fun to write that I had to make it to the end. The original story, 'Beware the Cat' by William Baldwin, is an important work of early English literature, notable for its use of satire and themes such as superstition and the supernatural. It is also completely incomprehensible to a modern reader. So, I wrote my own version of life in Elizabethan London, with actors, writers and cats.

Writing Cozy Fantasy under the pen name, Jessika Jenvieve.

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